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  • A Battered Macau Struggles to Come to Terms With Deadly Typhoon Hato / Time, August 2017 (on-site translation, fact checking)

  • What are mosquito-control workers spraying in Miami? (video) / CNN, August 2016 (Found aerial spray footage in MediaSource; looked up Naled safety statement & EU regulations regarding the chemical; helped conduct interview with Dr. Barry Ryan at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health)

  • Surgeon accused of removing kidney from wrong patient / CNN, August 2016 (Obtained statements from Tenet Healthcare and Massachusetts Department of Public Health and kept track on updated statements; checked whether the hospital had been previously cited by the CMS for wrong-site surgeries; found studies and reports on wrong-site surgeries and national statistics)

  • Thousands of kids hurt annually on amusement rides / CNN, August 2016 (Updated the 2013 article, wrote graph 2, 9, 10, 11, 15, 16; added recent amusement park accidents; conducted data analysis on Consumer Product Safety Commission's 2015 electronic injury data ; re-interviewed Dr. Gary Smith about the 2013 amusement ride injury study and public policy)

  • Trouble sleeping? This may be why (video) / CNN, July 2016 (Conducted editorial research and helped set up the studio shoot)

  • Officials working with water park after amoeba kills woman / CNN, June 2016 (Confirmed temporary suspension with the water park; monitored Mecklenburg County's Twitter and Facebook accounts for press conferences and updates)

  • The next LGBT cause: gun control / CNN, June 2016 (Sourced images about anti-gun activism in the LGBT community on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; found the original creator of a viral "gay agenda" image via Facebook and Twitter using Google reversed image search and hashtags and conducted interviews)